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"I saw more growth and confidence in my daughter in 1 week than I saw in the entire year prior.  Camp Rocky Road was the best  thing that I could have done for her at that time in her life"

"As a previous member of Ripley's camp I can genuinely  say that it is the best camp that I have gone to, literally.  The sisterhood and positive vibes made you want to stay forever.  Not to mention the photo shoots, yoga sessions and totally insane confidence boosters that taught me that it is OK to be awesome...and I still live by that till this day."


"Being at Camp Rocky Road the summer going into my freshman year of high school was absolutely transformative. The women I met and the lessons they taught me in being comfortable in myself, knowing my worth, and standing up for what I want has echoed in my head ever since. The girls hand-picked picked by the divine Ripley Rader taught me a lesson in making friends judgment free and throughout the week we all allowed one another to learn and grow in a fabulous and safe space. Camp RR is beautiful and incredible and I will cherish my time there greatly."

"One of the highlights of my year was getting to witness the incredible young women campers flourish and blossom at Camp Rocky Road.  It's the camp I wish I'd had as a teenager, the missing puzzle piece amidst the grind of school and activities and distractions.  It's a rare space for real connection and conversations that simply don't happen otherwise - sandwiched between incredible workshops led by fierce females, toga, cooking, improv, dance parties, and a whole lot of fun."

Our Mission
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