with Ripley Rader


"Younger but Wiser" is a podcast that celebrates the wisdom of teen girls and how we, as adults, can learn from them. We’ll talk about everything from perfectionism and failure to radical self-acceptance. We’ll dive into what these young women might be nervous about losing as they get older, and even the advice they have for us adults.

This pod is intended for mothers and daughters alike, and the hope is that you’ll listen together and who knows, maybe it’ll even generate some interesting conversations! Every week Ripley will interview a new fantastic young woman, talk about juicy topics ranging from self-care to the comparison game, and then jump into our “Know-It-All” segment where she asks the girls questions and hold space for honest, vulnerable answers. This podcast is our opportunity to offer a bridge between the generations, an opportunity for mothers and daughters to talk about something more than how school was today. It's a chance to really hear each other – whether you’re 60 or 16.  


Join Ripley as we get to know an army of women not afraid to stand out.